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Who we are

Expert Appraisers of Georgia is Pat Chastain and Mike Power. They have been in the appraisal industry for 30+ years with many accreditations and qualifications. They are both experts in real estate matters ranging from Estate Settlements, Establishing Value on Inherited Property, and Divorces to Commercial Real Estate, Best Use Analysis, and Unusual Property Appraisals. Whatever your real estate appraisal need, Expert Appraisers of Georgia has you covered.

Having an expert appraisal of your real property assets, including primary residences, secondary homes, raw acreage, vacant lots, and commercial properties, is paramount for a multitude of reasons. An accurate valuation by a seasoned appraiser not only establishes the fair market value of these assets but also plays a critical role in financial planning, tax assessment, insurance coverage, and investment strategies. In scenarios such as selling property, estate planning, or securing a loan, a precise appraisal ensures that you are making informed decisions based on the actual worth of your assets. Moreover, in legal situations like divorce settlements or partnership dissolutions, an expert appraisal provides a reliable foundation for equitable asset distribution. By leveraging professional valuation services, property owners can navigate the complexities of real estate management with confidence, safeguarding their financial interests and maximizing their investment potential. This strategic approach to property valuation empowers owners to achieve optimal outcomes in their real estate endeavors, making expert appraisals an indispensable tool in the arsenal of savvy property owners.

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Pat  Chastain

An expert and true professional, Pat can provide you with all the information you could possible want and even more. When detail matters, this is your guy. He is compassionate, knowledgeable and can assist you with many real estate questions and/or concerns

Mike Power

The term expert is not to be taken lightly. I am considered an "expert" in my field of residential appraising due to not only my years of experience, which is now close to 30, but, the wide variety of massively complex assignments I have completed. I have testified in Court as an "expert" witness in regards to divorce cases, tax appeal cases, bankruptcy cases, appraisal fraud and foreclosure confirmations. In addition, I have appraised properties in value from less than $20,000, during the mortgage meltdown up to and over 15 million ocean front properties. I have been active in the political side of real estate appraisals and am a member of the American Guild of Appraisers. My strengths are that I do not treat any appraisal the same. I understand each home has its own, special characteristics and the development of market value for any home, vacant tract of land or multi-family building will be different and I always treat each assignment as unique.

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